AdDefend is now operated by AdDefend GmbH

After a three year incubation phase as part of bemitho technologies, AdDefend has proven it’s durability as product and is now operated as independent company.

This marks an important step for us as a company. With this separation we can now concentrate on our core business, bringing our customers the best ad recovery solution on the market.

This change also brings some fresh blood to AdDefend. Dominik Reisig joins from veeseo as the new CEO of AdDefend. Michael Reese and Thomas Richter join from bemitho and will keep running the technical team.

management team

Dominik Reisig - CEO
Dominik Reisig / CEO

Michael Reese - CIO
Michael Reese / CIO

Thomas Richter - CTO
Thomas Richter / CTO

Even with this new company running AdDefend, we’re are still fully independent, privately held and not owned by any publisher or ad network. For customers previously working with bemitho, nothing will change except the name.

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