AdDefend offers individual blocking analysis at the OMR

Hi from Hamburg,

do you know how many of your trackings are blocked and how many of your users are no longer reachable due to the use of various plugins? At this year’s Online Marketing Rockstars Festival, we offer you a free and individual blocking analysis. Let’s see to what extent your reach is blocked and how you can achieve an incremental increase in your potential net reach.

Blocking Technologies block up to 30% of display ads and 49% of all trackings.
Dominik Reisig, CEO at AdDefend

Get your appointment now for a free blocking analysis on May 7 or 8 at the OMR. You will find us in hall 6, booth G08. Have a coffee with us and we answer all of your questions about blocking technologies – tailored to your individual situation!

Free blocking analysis at the OMR? Click here

Would you rather have gain a general overview and get information about the blocking of ads and trackings? Come and join one of our Open Booth Talks on Tuesday or Wednessay at 11AM and 3PM at our booth.

OMR Meet us at Hall Booth 2019

Did you already know that you can book exclusive programmatic adblock inventory on 5 TOP DSPs via our platform?
DV360 (DBM) | The Trade Desk | Active Agent | emetriq | Adform


We are looking forward to having a great festival with you! Your AdDefend team