We enable you to reach the previously lost target group: the ad block user. We do so by giving you access to a wide range of inventory recovered from the top premium sites on the market. We serve more than 2 billion ads per month.

Key features

  • Unique audience

    With our technology you can reach a whole new target group. We give you access to ad block users that were previously unreachable for you.

  • Premium inventory

    We recover inventory mostly from premium sites, which gives you access to inventory on the most requested placements on the market.

  • Vertical targeting

    Using our channel based booking system, you can address exactly the audience you need. We categorize all sites on a per page basis to achieve a relevant environment for your campaigns.

  • Location targeting

    Target only the audience that is geographically close to your advertised product. Combined with vertical targeting this ensures the best performance for your campaign.

Frequently asked Questions

We offer inventory directly to you. You can access it through our integrated ad server or buy through various performance networks, demand markets and ad networks connected to us. We offer blind and channel based delivery for most of our inventory. In some cases you can even book specific sites directly.Get in touch with our ad sales team to get signed up.
We’re currently working with more than 80 publishers marketed by AGOF TOP 20 marketeers in central Europe and are adding new ones every week.
Most ad block users are not against advertising, they were just annoyed by intrusive ads (e.g. interstitials, popups etc.) at some point and installed the ad blocker. They are also not immune to advertising.
That said, campaigns delivered on ad blocked inventory produce similar performance compared to campaigns on normal inventory.
In general conversion tracking using cookies doesn’t work for users with ad blockers since most conversion tracking solutions rely on similar mechanisms for campaign tracking and delivery. Impression and click tracking is possible with our solution. There are ways to make conversion tracking work without cookies, we’re be happy to give advice.
We offer image based ads only at the moment. Tracking and targeting possibilities are limited in general in a ad blocked environment. You can’t run your own ad delivery javascript, as this would not be protectable by us.