We help you to monetize your ad blocked traffic by bringing back the previously lost ad inventory, so that you can reach all of your users again. Growing your overall ad revenues up to 50% over night!

Key features

  • Separate inventory

    Our technology doesn’t interfere with your existing ad inventory. AdDefend only delivers ads to ad block users.

  • Automatic protection

    We handle ad blocker reactions promtly when they occur. You only need to integrate once and we take care of the rest.

  • Ad network integration

    We integrate with many ad networks to bring you the best performance possible. Through our relations with various DSPs and performance networks we can provide a 100% fill rate from day one.

  • Categorized content

    We categorize your content on a “per page level” in order to serve more relevant ads. Especially on large sites this generates a much higher eCPM.

  • Extensive statistics

    Our publisher portal gives you up to date insights on whats happening on your site. Traffic breakdowns, revenues and performance data are always at your fingertips.

  • Self service ad server

    Our ad server enables you to run your own campaigns whenever you want. You can run house ads or direct campaigns directly from our ad server integrated in our portal.

Frequently asked Questions

AdDefend is meant to be used on medium to large scale sites. If your site matches the following createria, get in touch with us to try our technology.

  • More than 100.000 impressions per day
  • Site contains lots of images, excluding images used for your layout
  • Site doesn’t contain dubious content (porn, hate speech, violence etc.)
  • Visitors come to your site for content and are not brought in mainly through advertising

Basically our integration consists of two elements:

  • Script
    Our script needs to be fetched on the server side and delivered within the site.
  • Resource Delivery
    Our resource delivery needs to be integrated into your image delivery. AdDefend delivers most of the resources (e.g. banners) using your domain.

Our technical team will guide you through the integration process. We have lots of experience with different architectures, from small single server setups to large scale clusters and CDN integrations we have the right solution for you.

At the moment we only support image ads in standard IAB formats. More complex formats are coming soon.
We source the ads from various ad networks and our own run of network. Our ad delivery is revenue optimized to bring you the best possible revenue. You can still deliver your own campaigns no matter what.
Yes, you can run your own campaigns through the AdDefend ad server. It’s also possible to run campaigns from adservers compatible with AdDefend.