With our campaign on the AdDefend reach, we achieved a remarkable boost of reach and a lot of new visitors who stayed almost 1.5 minutes on the landing page. This is a very good performance for a display campaign.
Florian Burger, Online Marketing Manager A.T.U
You need to consider that those who do not address this target group will also miss 25% of potential new customers.
Benedict C. Doepfer, Manager New Business Development bei Panasonic Marketing Europe
Thanks to the AdDefend conversion pixel, it is now possible to retrace the performances of our campaigns on the blocked reach and get precise results from ad networks and ad servers. We now have all the data to plan this attractive reach from the outset for future campaigns.
Thomas Prange, Chief Online Performance Marketing Officer at Walbusch
Adblock users are quite open to advertisement. Regarding the CTRs of the campaigns we tested so far, it is striking that the click rates of our ads displayed to adblock users constantly generated good or even better performances than our campaigns on the regular reach.
Jens-Ole Quiel, Head of Digital Sales at Computec
With AdDefend, we were able to boost our net reach and address a target group that responds favorably to unobtrusive ads. We are very pleased with the overall performance of the campaign.
Christina Kubanke, Marketing Manager at Babbel