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At least 20% of internet users are no longer reachable for online display advertising, and the trend keeps rising. In most cases this is due to the installation of adblocking software. Adblockers are rarely installed because a user is against advertising in general. Rather, most of the users are disturbed by obtrusive advertising formats and an overall high advertising volume as well as loading difficulties and the slowdown of websites. Also, privacy concerns often lead to the decision for an adblocker.

AdDefend has developed a solution that not only allows advertisers and agencies to effectively address the adblocker phenomenon but can even use it to their advantage.

Benefits for Advertisers

Get the attention of the unreachable

With the AdDefend anti adblock solution, advertisers and agencies can increase their net reach by more than 20%. In addition, they get the opportunity to reach the highly attentive new target group of adblocker users; the “digitally unreachable”, who would otherwise never see their online advertising. Contrary to the popular opinion, these users are not opposed to advertising in general. They are open to clicking, converting into leads and buying instantly, when they are not confronted with too many or user unfriendly advertisements.

Since adblocker users usually do not see any ads, they are not heavily frequented with ads and therefore not blind for banners. Advertisers face best conditions in the fight for the attention of these users. Both branding and performance campaigns provide demonstrably satisfactory results, as can be seen in the convincing performances: in the campaigns displayed on the AdDefend reach, at least the same, and in some cases an even better performance is achieved than on the regular reach.

Premium reach

Ad impressions being leveraged on the AdDefend anti adblock platform reach more than 10 million unique users. The campaigns can be displayed either on high class premium reach or in the run of network. More than 150 premium publishers already rely on AdDefend.

Targeted user addressing

Approaching the target group on the AdDefend reach can be further specified through vertical and local targeting. Web pages are assigned to different thematically divided channels on page level. With vertical targeting, advertisers can select from these theme channels and pinpoint to the right environment. The geo targeting functions can be used to define points of interest as well as a radius in which the users are located. The two targeting options can also be combined for a targeted addressing of the users.

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach a highly attentive, well performing target group in premium environments that will not get to see your competitors’ digital advertisements! Contact us and we will inform you about your possibilities.

The key benefits for advertisers

  • Significant increase in coverage (reach) by more than 20%
  • Unique access to the not overfrequented target group of adblock users
  • Best prerequisites in the competition for the attention of users
  • Consistently convincing, partly better results than on the unblocked reach, both in branding and performance campaigns
  • First class reach with more than 150 premium publishers
  • Exclusive adblock inventory
  • Approaching target groups according to theme channels and geo targeting

Does this sound good to you? Learn more about the AdDefend reach, user acceptance and untapped potentials.

With our campaign on the AdDefend reach, we achieved a remarkable boost of reach and a lot of new visitors who stayed almost 1.5 minutes on the landing page. This is a very good performance for a display campaign.
Florian Burger, Online Marketing Manager A.T.U
You need to consider that those who do not address this target group will also miss 25% of potential new customers.
Benedict C. Doepfer, Manager New Business Development bei Panasonic Marketing Europe
Thanks to the AdDefend conversion pixel, it is now possible to retrace the performances of our campaigns on the blocked reach and get precise results from ad networks and ad servers. We now have all the data to plan this attractive reach from the outset for future campaigns.
Thomas Prange, Chief Online Performance Marketing Officer at Walbusch
Adblock users are quite open to advertisement. Regarding the CTRs of the campaigns we tested so far, it is striking that the click rates of our ads displayed to adblock users constantly generated good or even better performances than our campaigns on the regular reach.
Jens-Ole Quiel, Head of Digital Sales at Computec
With AdDefend, we were able to boost our net reach and address a target group that responds favorably to unobtrusive ads. We are very pleased with the overall performance of the campaign.

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