EPROFESSIONAL and AdDefend launch case study on success campaign

Outstanding user quality – The companies from Hamburg ACHIEVE A 59% BETTER CUSTOMER QUALITY AND INCREASE THE VIEWABILITY BY 14%

Many agencies still hesitate to target blocked users with online ads. The performance, however, speaks for itself. As long as the ads are designed and placed unobtrusively the performance is comparable or partly better than on the regular reach.

In a case study for a joint customer, EPROFESSIONAL and AdDefend show how they were able to generate 59% more successful contracts on the AdDefend reach – compared to the performance on the regular reach.

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In addition to the low contract cancellation rate on the AdDefend reach, an above-average viewability was achieved, which at 65% is around 14% above the German average (the average viewability in Germany is 57% according to Meetrics (Q2 2019)).

Visibility Rate AdDefend EPROFESSIONAL 14 Prozent

Address blocked users successfully – EPROFESSIONAL has shown how to do it – How? Take a look at the case study.