Unblockable ads – the technology behind the anti adblock solution

AdDefend adblock advertising is essentially based on four steps: the AdDefend technology is easily integrated into the publishers’ existing advertising and delivery systems. If a user browses a site that integrates the AdDefend solution, the technology reliably identifies whether an adblocker is installed and activated. If an adblocker software is detected, an encrypted ad request is sent, that cannot be identified by the filter system of the adblocking software. This encrypted ad request is not directed to the normal ad server, but to an alternative AdDefend ad server. The alternative creatives are retrieved without requesting the ad server URL within the browser. To the adblocker software, the creatives appear to be processed by the publishers’ own resources. The creatives are classified as content, not as advertising banners. Therefore, the blocker does not hinder the delivery.

The ad products offered by AdDefend are neither vulnerable nor endangered by the currently occurring privacy discussions and developments about data protection.

All established IAB standard formats can be displayed.