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Adblockers are widely used nowadays. More than 20% of internet users have installed adblocking software. The financial damage resulting from this is enormous. However, the reasons for the installation rarely lie in the categorical rejection of advertising. Rather, the negative influence in the user experience caused by permanent interruptions, the annoyance of obtrusive formats, dubious advertisements and advertising overloaded websites, as well as the associated load delay form the motives for the installation of an adblocker. Data protection concerns are another crucial factor.

The list of reasons already reveals: websites, which are subject to a certain qualitative care and corresponding standards in terms of advertising rarely give users the motive to install an adblocker. However, these Internet sites are also affected by the consequences of increasing dissemination, since all, not only disturbing advertisements are blocked by the corresponding software, regardless of their quality. As a result, adblockers continue to deprive publishers of the basis for maintaining their business model that is providing free, yet high quality content. Advertisers are no longer able to reach a sizable proportion of online users due to the use of adblockers.

The currency of digital advertising: attention

In the debate about adblockers and their pros and cons it is often neglected that monetization through advertising is the necessary basis to let users pay with their attention for the content they consume – rather than with a cash coin, as it is the case with pay walls for example. In addition, this is a given principle learned from other media such as TV and print, which must be transferred in the long term to the gratis culture of the internet if users’ access to diversified, high quality media should remain free.

Why Anti-Adblock Inventory

Advantages of the AdDefend reach

AdDefend provides a technology to effectively tackle the problem of the increasingly prevalent adblocker use in order to dissolve it satisfactorily for everyone involved:

Publishers and marketers can easily and efficiently reactivate the blocked reach to increase their net profit by an average of one fifth with a guaranteed 100 percent fill rate. They regain control over their inventory, so they can in turn invest the revenue generated in the production of high quality content. In addition, they are not at risk of scaring users off permanently, as it is the case with alternative monetization models such as pay walls.

Advertisers are increasing their net reach immensely and reach the attractive new target group of adblocker users who would otherwise never see their advertising. These users are altogether much less exposed to advertisements; accordingly, they are neither overfrequented nor banner blind.

At the same time, the users‘ wishes for reduced advertising are equally respected: on the one hand, they receive significantly less ads on the AdDefend reach, on the other hand they only get to see unobtrusive formats. In return for their attention, the content of the websites remains free of charge in the long term. The user’s privacy is protected and the surfing experience is not reduced by loading slow downs, since the creatives used only have small file sizes.

AdDefend reaches more than 10 million unique users. Branding as well as performance campaigns provide demonstrably convincing results that can keep up with the performance values of the unblocked reach. This also proves that the majority of adblocker users it not against advertising, per se. If ad impressions are subject to certain restrictions in terms of form and frequency, they are not primarily perceived as disruptive and are accepted – with the result that adblock users also click, buy and convert into leads.


Unblockable ads – the technology behind the anti adblock solution

AdDefend adblock advertising is essentially based on four steps: the AdDefend technology is easily integrated into the publishers’ existing advertising and delivery systems. If a user browses a site that integrates the AdDefend solution, the technology reliably identifies whether an adblocker is installed and activated. If an adblocker software is detected, an encrypted ad request is sent, that cannot be identified by the filter system of the adblocking software. This encrypted ad request is not directed to the normal ad server, but to an alternative AdDefend ad server. The alternative creatives are retrieved without requesting the ad server URL within the browser. To the adblocker software, the creatives appear to be processed by the publishers’ own resources. The creatives are classified as content, not as advertising banners. Therefore, the blocker does not hinder the delivery.

The ad products offered by AdDefend are neither vulnerable nor endangered by the currently occurring privacy discussions and developments about data protection.

All established IAB standard formats can be displayed.


The AdDefend policy – a foundation for the broad acceptance of adblock advertising

We are aware of our great responsibility in the advertising approach of adblocker users. That is why we are constantly working on the question of what kinds of creatives we use and how we use them in our sensitive reach. We are guided by the qualitative requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads, which, according to the latest insights and user surveys, give recommendations and insights about which advertising formats are broadly accepted by users – which are perceived as entertaining and enjoyable versus annoying and disruptive. In other words, on our AdDefend platform adblocker users are only able to see certain formats that are less obtrusive as well as reduced in data volume and therefore do not slow down and disturb the user experience. For example, no banners are provided that overlay the content of the website: no layers, no interstitials, no pop-over and no pop-under. In short, significantly fewer and only modified ads are offered to the users.

In this way, users are protected from annoying advertisements and overfrequencies, and we can ensure a high level of acceptance on the part of the adblocker users, who get to see modified advertisements via our platform.

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Display Advertising

With the AdDefend solution, you can reach previously unreachable users with display ads. Billboards, skyscrapers, leaderboards or medium rectangles – you can book all formats and almost any feature (tracking and targeting) as on the regular inventory.


Native Advertising

We recover your native ads so they perfectly fit in the content and attract a lot of attention in this attractive position. Native advertising is popular for good performances because of its unobtrusive format.


Video Advertising

According to a recent survey by Appinio, video ads belong to the most popular advertising formats. Our solution makes it possible to display player-based inStream and inGame pre-, mid- and post-rolls on the unreachable inventory. Video ads can be displayed regardless of the player technology used by a publisher and can be activated as soon as AdDefend is integrated with a publisher.


Programmatic Advertising

You can book programmatic inventory on the AdDefend reach. We cooperate with Yieldlab as our SSP. Campaigns can be booked as direct deals via 5 TOP DSPs (theTradeDesk, Adform, Active Agent, emetriq and DV360 (DBM)).

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