The AdDefend policy – a foundation for the broad acceptance of adblock advertising

We are aware of our great responsibility in the advertising approach of adblocker users. That is why we are constantly working on the question of what kinds of creatives we use and how we use them in our sensitive reach. We are guided by the qualitative requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads, which, according to the latest insights and user surveys, give recommendations and insights about which advertising formats are broadly accepted by users – which are perceived as entertaining and enjoyable versus annoying and disruptive. In other words, on our AdDefend platform adblocker users are only able to see certain formats that are less obtrusive as well as reduced in data volume and therefore do not slow down and disturb the user experience. For example, no banners are provided that overlay the content of the website: no layers, no interstitials, no pop-over and no pop-under. In short, significantly fewer and only modified ads are offered to the users.

In this way, users are protected from annoying advertisements and overfrequencies, and we can ensure a high level of acceptance on the part of the adblocker users, who get to see modified advertisements via our platform.

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