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More than 20% of internet users surf constantly with an adblocker and are, as a direct consequence, no longer reachable for online display advertising. The majority has actively installed an adblocking software, whereas the rest is caused by firewalls and virus scanners that also prevent the delivery of advertisements. For publishers, the extensive use means an immense loss of coverage and they are losing the basis for their digital business model in the long term, which is providing free, yet high quality content. Most adblock users are not against advertising in general, as it can be shown by the results achieved on the AdDefend reach: both branding and performance campaigns deliver convincing achievements that can easily keep up with the results of the unblocked reach.

AdDefend has developed an effective solution to enable publishers to reactivate the blocked inventory and increase their net reach by more than 20%.

Solutions for Publishers

Solutions for Publishers

Reactivate your reach and defend your revenue

Publishers and marketers benefit from the AdDefend anti adblock solution in several ways. They can effectively tackle the problem of the increasing use of adblockers, reliably reactivate the blocked advertising spaces and recapture the blocked reach of a current average of more than 20% – with full planning reliability and a 100% fill rate. In this way, they are able to regain authority over their inventory and generate significant revenue. The additional revenue can be invested in the production of high quality content and that way in turn strengthen the attractiveness of their website for the users. More than 150 premium publishers have already opted for AdDefend.

Quick and easy – ready for use

The regular unblocked inventory remains completely unaffected. The delivery of advertising campaigns only takes place on the AdDefend reach and exclusively affects users with activated adblockers.

The integration into the publishers’ existing advertising and delivery systems is uncomplicated. After a one time integration, all features of the AdDefend solution can be used. As AdDefend is integrated with numerous ad networks and connected to a wide range of demand side platforms as well as performance networks, the adblock reach can be fully employed from the beginning.

Advertising campaigns can be displayed via the ad server of the publisher or via the AdDefend ad server alternatively.

The full overview

For the best possible results, websites are categorized on page level according to thematic environments in order to optimize the relevance of the ads for the user and that way improve the performance of the campaigns.

The AdDefend publisher portal provides a clear overview of individual successful campaigns and other valuable insights such as traffic breakdowns and revenue streams.

Do not resign from your revenue of a significant portion of your advertising inventory! Strengthen your business model by leveraging your entire sales potential! We are on hand with help and advice!

The main advantages for publishers at a glance

  • Reactivation of the blocked reach (approximately 21%)
  • Significant revenue recovery
  • Full planning reliability – 100% fill rate
  • Easy integration
  • No influence on the regular inventory
  • Access to numerous advertising campaigns
  • Self-service ad server
  • Direct insights via the AdDefend publisher portal
  • Categorization of the environment on page level for performance optimization
  • Undisturbed user experience
  • High user acceptance
  • No loss of traffic (as it is the case using pay walls etc.)

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Publisher Services

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