Case study demonstrates an outstanding user quality

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The two companies from Hamburg address users of blocking technologies for a common customer and significantly increase both customer quality and viewability.

CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND: Since January 2019, EPROFESSIONAL has been running a campaign for a customer from the service industry via the AdDefend reach. The aim of the campaign is to win as many new customers as possible for a contract. Based on various variants of unobtrusive display ads, a new target group is addressed, which is difficult to reach on the regular reach due to the use of blocking technologies.

WHICH KPIs ARE CRUCIAL? In the customer’s industry, the rate of rejected or unaccepted customers is a special KPI of a campaign. It is a widespread problem that contracts fail on the part of the provider due to the lack of creditworthiness of the applicants or due to purchase fraud. In industries in which many contracts are concluded, it is common that many customers are rejected. It is therefore of great importance to consider the actually concluded contracts in comparison to the number of gross orders for the campaign success. The campaign performance shows an above-average rate of rejected customers on the AdDefend reach – 59% fewer customers were rejected compared to the regular reach.

The „NAC“ (not accepted customer) rate shows how many applicants for a contract were rejected by the brand due to poor creditworthiness or purchase fraud.

In addition to the low cancellation rate on the AdDefend reach, an above-average viewability rate could also be achieved. As an average value for the visibility rate of display advertising in Germany, Meetrics indicated a viewability rate of 57% for the second quarter of 2019. The campaign of EPROFESSIONAL on the AdDefend reach achieved an above-average viewability rate of 65%.

EPROFESSIONAL was able to realize an above-average viewability rate of 65% for its customer via the AdDefend reach. Viewability is becoming one of the most important KPIs in online advertising. When it comes to the competition for the most popular placements, one of the most important aspects is often neglected – visibility.


In a digital world where users enjoy having free access to the content of their choice, attention is the most precious currency. According to the BVDW, 23.95% of German online users surfed with an ad blocker (in the fourth quarter of 2018) which makes this target group difficult to reach for advertisers. AdDefend enables advertisers to reach this target group. The good performances are achieved with unobtrusively designed and well-placed display, native and video ads that do not overlay the content. Leading agencies like EPROFESSIONAL address this unique target group profitably for their customers.

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