Boost your net reach by adblock advertising? Babbel shows how it’s done!

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Babbel is Europes leading self-learning application for foreign languages. After the huge breakthrough of adblockers, Babbel was eager to reach new clients. Via the AdDefend reach, Babble is now able to display ads to a target group that was never reached due to the use of adblockers. With the help of AdDefend the language app has discovered a cost-efficient way to acquire new clients.

Babbel Case Study

The result:

we first launched the campaign within the framework of an optimization phase for all AdDefend publishers. The next step was to exclude sites based on the click and impression tracker in conjunction with anonymous publisher IDs. Sites and sections that have failed to reach the intended targets were excluded. The optimization process enabled us to locate a channel that rapidly became our new lead source. This resulted in the creation of a new channel that is significantly more efficient at acquiring new clients. Thanks to AdDefend, Babbel was able to display ads to a new target group that it had never reached due to the use of adblockers.

With AdDefend, we were able to boost our net reach and reach a target group that responds favorably to unobtrusive ads. We are very pleased with the overall performance of the campaign.
Christina Kubanke, Marketing Manager at Babbel

About AdDefend: we help publishers and advertisers to handle users with adblockers. With more than 150 premium sites using our technology we are the world’s leading ad recovery service! Our ads are unblockable since 2013.

  • Ads reach adblock users and converts them into clients
  • 0% fraud and 100% brand safety
  • Above-average performance thanks to the reach of the AdDefend AGOF network
  • Numerous optimization possibilities

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