Case study with MDM – AdDefend generates 70% new customers

Moin from Hamburg,

how do you reach users in times when more and more cookies are being rejected, users are surfing in private mode and adblockers are being used? Advertisers and publishers lose significant reach and target groups.

The German coin trading company ‘MDM Münzhandelsgesellschaft’ shows how it’s done and reaches cookieless, adblock and private mode users via the exclusive advertising inventory of AdDefend and tisoomi. In a case study, we exclusively show the outstanding campaign results.

Overall, excellent new customer rates of 69% were achieved on the cookieless reach as well as on the private mode and adblock reach.

We tested three new providers in Q4. Of these newly tested providers, AdDefend/tisoomi is the best. AdDefend/tisoomi contributed over 70% to achieve the goal we set for the three new providers to reach new customers.
Björn Köhler, Head of Online Marketing at MDM

In addition to the outstanding rate of new customers, the campaign impresses with a very good CPL of €46 on average and a 10% higher conversion rate than comparable display campaigns. Do you want to get more insights into the performances of the individual inventories? Contact us to see the whole case study.

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