AdDefend presents anti-adblock solutions for publishers and advertisers on the occasion of the OMR 2018

A presentation at d3con University, a stand at dmexco and the participation in the Bits&Pretzels complete the company’s event calendar

Hamburg, March 14, 2018 – AdDefend will present its anti-adblock solution to publishers and advertisers at the OMR 2018 (Hall A3 / Booth 12). Especially publishers and advertisers are affected by the increasing use of adblockers. The platform can increase the net reach by more than 25 percent, as users of adblockers (last month the BVDW announced the adblock rate in Germany for the 4th quarter of 2017 with 24.74 percent) can be addressed as well as users of the Firefox privacy mode.

Beside the OMR 2018, the team of the AdDefend GmbH will also be available for meetings at d3con in Hamburg in early April. At d3con University on April 10, Dominik Reisig, CEO of AdDefend, will talk about “Adblock advertising: Understanding the reach and the targeting by using it sensibly”. Other highlights in the event calendar of AdDefend are dmexco 2018 and the participation in the founders’ festival Bits & Pretzels in Munich.

Solutions for publishers: By working with AdDefend, publishers can regain control over their business model by reactivating blocked ad space and monetizing the full reach. However, marketers, driven by the need to protect their digital business model, often resort to measures that include locking out adblock users or implementing paywalls for premium content. “There is a risk that only higher earners will be able to access high-quality content,” says Dominik Reisig, CEO at AdDefend. “With our anti-adblock solution, ads can also be displayed to users of adblockers. In this way, publishers manage to monetize their business in the long term without having to fear negative consequences like the loss of a considerable part of their readers. Our experience proves that the performance on the adblock reach can at least match the regular reach – in some cases the conversions are even better.”

Solutions for advertisers: The target group of adblock users would no longer be accessible via display advertising without the AdDefend solution. Up to 10 million unique users in Germany can be addressed on the AdDefend reach. Even though an adblocker has been installed, these internet users show positive reactions to high-quality, unobtrusive advertising formats; a quality standard which AdDefend guarantees via strict criteria for their ads.

Meet up at the OMR 2018: AdDefend invites all members of the press to attend stand 12 in Hall 3 and requests a prior appointment. Thank you!