Anti adblock platform AdDefend presents the latest solutions for advertisers and publishers on dmexco 2018

Participation in the Online Ad Summit, company booth on dmexco, Bits&Pretzels in Munich and Digital Content Expo in Berlin determine the company’s event calendar in autumn

Hamburg, September 5, 2018 – Adblock advertising provider AdDefend will present the latest solutions for publishers and advertisers facing the still growing number of adblock users on this year’s dmexco (hall 7/booth 026a). Over the past years, adblocking has become one of the most urgent problems in the digital marketing world. Due to the use of adblockers, 23,4 % of German internet users (according to BVDW, first quarter of 2018) are no longer available with online banner ads. Now, every 4th user can be readdressed by using the AdDefend solution.

The kick-off event for the company from Hamburg will be the BVDW’s Online Ad Summit, which will take place in Cologne on 09/11/2018, just before the start of the dmexco on the very next day. This year’s summit is dedicated to the topic “Between Adblocking and Privacy: The Digital Industry is Growing to Meet its Challenges”. At the end of September from 09/30/2018 until 10/02/2018, the team will join the Founders-Festival Bits&Pretzels. The fall tour will end with the Digital Content Expo in Berlin.

Advertiser Solutions

More than 10 million additional German internet users can be reached with the help of the AdDefend solution. This enormous part of users can no longer be addressed with regular banner ads due to the use of an adblocker. With modified, unobtrusive ads that offer relevant content, AdDefend can boost the net reach by more than 25 % – since not only adblock users but also users of the Firefox Privacy Mode can be targeted.

Publisher Solutions

The AdDefend platform has developed a solution for publishers to maintain their business model. Because of the growing number of adblock users, publishers face a loss of reach that threatens the core concept of their business model in the long term. For this reason, many publishers implement payment systems like pay walls or premium memberships that lead to a high exit rate. AdDefend reactivates blocked ad spaces so that customers can monetize the total reach again.


It is often questioned whether and how adblock advertising works. AdDefend presents convincing performances of case studies at regular intervals. According to the company’s policy, ads that are supposed to have an appealing effect on the user need to be unobtrusive and relevant. “Advertisement on the blocked reach is successful when it convinces the user with relevant content and an attractive design – without disturbing the user experience.”, concludes Dominik Reisig, CEO at AdDefend.

Meet us at dmexco, Bits&Pretzels, Online Ad Summit or Digital Content Expo

Press representatives are welcome to visit AdDefend at booth 026a in hall 7. Please arrange an appointment in advance. Thank you!