Users of adblockers and regular users have an almost identical perception of online ads

That is one of the key findings of the latest study that was just launched by the market research platform Appinio and AdDefend.

In addition to an almost equal openness to advertising, the study with more than 1500 respondents shows that ads on the blocked reach have a positive impact on brand affinity and brand image.

All survey results can be found here.

We are often asked why we display ads to users of adblockers when they do not want to see any ads. However, our experience of the recent years and the performance we are achieving speak for themselves. The survey shows that unobtrusive, high-quality ads also convince users of adblockers and have no negative impact on advertisers.
Dominik Reisig, CEO at AdDefend

The Horizont summarizes in issue 18/2019: “Adblocker users are, as expected, more critical of advertising than others. Nonetheless, 3/4 of the objectors do not categorically reject online ads. On the contrary, there is no significant difference between the two groups in terms of the willingness to accept advertisements. “The survey is also listed online as study of the week in Absatzwirtschaft.

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