AdDefend unlocks advertising in Firefox privacy mode!

Good news for publishers and advertisers: aside from our adblock inventory we are now able to target users of the so far unreachable private mode of Mozilla Firefox.

The best news for publishers and marketers, however, is that now both privacy and adblock reach can be targeted separately!

Advertisers and agencies also benefit from the new part of the AdDefend product: the motive of users here is not to avoid advertising, but to surf in private without being tracked. Therefore, users of the privacy mode, just like adblocker users, are open to modified display advertising. How do we know? With our new ‘Conversion Tracking’ feature, conversions can now be measured through the ad servers of the publishers and advertisers.

The privacy reach allows advertisers and agencies an easy introduction into the approach of previously excluded target groups.

Mozilla Firefox has been one of the most popular internet browsers for years. It is particularly known and appreciated by many users for its strict data protection efforts. To improve the data protection continuously, the browser blocks all trackings and thus any advertising. Because of the reliable data protection, the private mode enjoys a constantly increasing number of users. Meanwhile, the number of internet users who use the privacy mode on a regular basis is at least 8%!

AdDefend reaches 10 million unique users per month. Are you interested in displaying campaigns to users of the Firefox privacy mode? Contact us!