AdDefend‘s statement on good digital advertising

Free access to premium content on the internet requires a payment in terms of an “advertising acceptance currency“

AdDefend, the leading independent provider of adblock advertising, reacts to the latest court decision (August 17) on adblocking with a clear statement for good digital advertising but mainly with a plea for a conscious acceptance and attention of users as a payment for free access to diversified content.

The reasons for the installation of an adblocker are varied: the primary reason, however, is the annoyance due to obtrusive, disruptive advertising formats that overlap the actual page content and interrupt the user experience. When an adblocker is installed, not only the disturbing formats but all are blocked. This common procedure has crucial consequences especially for publishers who fund the publication of premium content through advertising revenue.

Dominik Reisig, CEO of AdDefend states his view on this development: “Being able to access a wide range of free content and diverse opinions on the internet is one of the greatest achievements of our time. The increasing popularity of adblockers leads to a high attractiveness of payment barriers for publishers. There is also the risk that in the future certain content will be limited to users who can afford it. The case studies that we did with our customers prove that users of adblockers accept our ads or even react positively to them; however, we set strict criteria in the selection process according to the qualitative requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads so we only work with selected publishers.”