Gimme more! 10 million new customers

AdDefend Adblock Advertising enables to immediately reach a new target group, potentially more than 10 million new customers.

These 7 reasons will convince you that an upgrade with AdDefend is an indispensable asset to your inventory.

1. Brilliant performances on the AdDefend reach: StayFriends increases its conversion rate by 10,84%. Fernet-Branca immensely boosted the click thorugh rates and nearly doubled the dwell time on the landing page with an increase of 45%. Well-known advertisers such as Babbel, DriveNow or Walbusch have achieved significant gains in their net reach by addressing the new target group. Are you interested in more details? See our case studies.

2. The biggest benefit of the new reach is the unique opportunity for an audience extension. The adblock audience is characterized as particularly attractive thanks to numerous advantages. Since the users are not exposed to high-traffic advertising, they are not banner-blind and respond favorably to ads, provided they are unobtrusive and entertaining.

3. As the first advertiser to address this new audience, you are not exposed to the competition of the regular reach. Competitors of the regular inventory will not reach this target group.

4. You can make use of the possibility of creating completely new contacts within the actual target group that were previously not reachable.

5. A new target group opens up new perspectives and thus holds the opportunity for brands to redefine their approach. Audience features that are established on the regular reach can be reinvented on the AdDefend reach. The unique opportunity to try a whole new concept can lead to an expansion or a transformation of your usual target group.

6. Taking a closer look at the surveys on adblocker usage, it becomes clear that a disrupted user experience through obtrusive ad formats (e.g. layers, autoplay, pop-ups, sound, etc.) causes the blocking of advertisements. Our approach is about offering the user qualitative advertising with relevant and appealing content. We do not use pop-ups, interrupting or content-overlapping formats, and we are achieving great performances with this kind of reduced advertising.

7. According to the previous point, AdDefend wants to provide a platform for a better cooperation and communication between online advertising and users – a proactive cooperation can avoid the causes that lead to the installation of adblockers.

Would you like to get to know more about the AdDefend reach or how to start your own approach to the adblock audience? We are happy to advise you on 040/537 998 200 or