AdDefend launches Programmatic Advertising

Adblock and privacy inventory is now available for programmatic campaigns

Hamburg/Cologne (dmexco 2017), September 12, 2017 – On the occasion of dmexco 2017, AdDefend, the leading independent provider for adblock advertising is launching programmatic advertising as the brand new feature for adblock and privacy inventory on the AdDefend reach. The new possibility of booking programmatic campaigns on the former blocked reach gives the opportunity to address a completely new target group and boost your conversion rates.

The first test campaigns have already been realized successfully during the past months. “The positive results of these first campaigns are promising. The automatic setup by the server is reliable, uncomplicated and time saving. We are proud to have taken another major step with this new feature for the adblock reach to establish the same variety of features that have long been established on the regular reach. This makes adblock and privacy inventory even more attractive, “states Dominik Reisig, CEO of AdDefend GmbH.

The fact that adblock users accept advertising if it is not obtrusive or disturbing, can be shown by the good CTRs of the campaigns. “We tested AdDefend’s programmatic inventory with one of our customers of the IT segment and we are absolutely convinced of the performance. The campaign has consistently achieved an above average CTR of 0.3%, “says Christoph Berg, CEO of the Mint Square advertising agency in Düsseldorf.

In addition to the programmatic feature, conversion tracking is now also available on the adblock reach and in privacy mode. The case study with StayFriends shows that their campaign on the adblock reach could increase the conversion rate by 10.84%. With the “Life is bitter” campaign, Fernet-Branca almost doubled the user’s dwell time on the landing page with an increase of 45%.

Dmexco appointments: hall 7 / stand E053

AdDefend invites all press representatives to visit the company stand E053 in hall 7, but is asking for a prior date agreement to make sure that Dominik Reisig has time for you. Please contact Claire Pankratz at as well as 040 537 998 200 for further information. Thank you!