AdDefend launches video advertising in previously unreachable inventory

The company from Hamburg/Germany now offers a solution to deliver video ads on the inventory that is unavailable due to blocking technologies

Hamburg, 19 August 2019 – AdDefend is the specialist for reaching unreachable online users. Now there is a solution how advertisers and publishers can monetize the unreachable inventory with instream and ingame pre, mid and post rolls. In additon to video campaigns, publishers can also take advantage of activating a backfill marketing with AdDefend. Advertisers are given the opportunity to address a previously unattainable target group with an eye-catching format. An even more attractive aspect is that campaigns on the AdDefend reach are not exposed to the competition on the regular advertising inventory.

The reactivation is possible regardless of a publisher’s player technology and can be activated once AdDefend is integrated with a publisher. As soon as AdDefend detects an activated adblocker, previously blocked ads are recovered and cannot be blocked anymore. Currently VAST and VPAID are supported and MP4 as well as MPEG formats can be displayed.

The distribution of videos is steadily increasing online. News portals, cooking recipes, VIP news – every sector is focusing on the presentation of its content via video formats. With the increasing popularity of video content online, the use of video ads has increased significantly in recent years. According to official statements of the BVDW, about 24% of internet users in Germany use an adblocker. Adblockers also prevent the display of video ads. Thus, currently about every fourth video ad is blocked.

AdDefend has developed a solution to display video ads to users of blocking technologies. Publishers are excited about monetizing this constantly growing inventory with such an eye-catching format. In our latest study with Appinio, we found that video ads are among the most popular ad formats – both for regular users and users of adblockers. Our offer is thus extended by an important product, which also corresponds to the preferences of the users.
Dominik Reisig, CEO of AdDefend, sees AdDefend well-prepared for future developments after the launch of the video solution.

On September 11th and 12th, the company from Hamburg/Germany will present their new video product at the dmexco in Cologne. Representatives of the press as well as all those who are interested are cordially invited to meet the team of AdDefend GmbH in hall 7, aisle C, booth 026a. Please schedule an appointment here. Thank you!