AdDefend Award: the winners

A steadily rising number of advertisers target adblock users. This target group could no longer be reached online. The publisher network that displays unblockable ads is growing steadily. We provide 1,8 billion ad impressions per month on more than 150 websites.

In 2016, we were able to win many new agencies and direct customers for our AdDefend reach. With our help, creatives and agencies could make use of the unique features of the new target group of adblock users. It is important to us not to disturb the user while consuming the content. We believe that this is an important reason for the great performances of the campaigns.
Markus Zbick, Head of Business Development & Sales EMEA


„You have an adblocker – we have an adblocker-blocker. Life is bitter!“

Fernet Billboard

What makes this campaign so special is that it addresses adblock users directly. Even the landing page is directed users of adblock software. The landing page welcomes the adblock users with the claim: “You scorn online advertising. You clicked anyway. Life is bitter.”

Agency: Pilot Hamburg Kunde: Fernet-Branca


“Adblocker detected… Hacking Adblocker. Enter the hacker world!”

Watchdogs 2

Agency: Maxus customer: Ubisoft


“Help for children should not be blocked! ”


Agency: Unicef in-house customer: Unicef

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